Working principle of dc motor.

dc motor Fixed inside a circular permanent magnet dc motor, the current through the coil produces ampere force on the rotor, when the rotor coil and magnetic fields on the parallel, turn again by the magnetic field direction will change, so the rotor at the end of the brush to convert alternating contact, and the direction of the electric current on the coil is changing, the direction of the lorentz force is constant, so the motor can keep a direction.

The working principle of a dc generator is to turn the induced alternating electromotive force in the armature coil.


The commutating function of the commutator is used to make it become a direct current electromotive force from the end of the brush.

The direction of the induced electromotive force is determined by the right hand rule (the magnetic sense line points to the palm, the thumb points to the direction of the conductor, and the other four points are the direction of the inductive electromotive force in the conductor).Working principle of .dc motor.

The direction of the force of the conductor is determined by the left hand rule.This pair of electromagnetic force formed on the armature a torque, the torque in rotary motor is called electromagnetic torque, torque direction is counterclockwise, trying to make the armature counterclockwise rotation.If this electromagnetic torque can overcome the torque on the armature (such as the resistance torque caused by friction and other load torque), the armature can be rotated counterclockwise.

Working principle of dc motor.