Yongbao electric Technology Co,. Ltd.

Yongbao electric Technology Co,. Ltd. Founded in 1998,it has been devoted to the development ,manufacture and sale of micro-motor ,main brand products: many years ,our company grows rapidly because of the outstanding function and steady quality and it has been well received and trusted by the customers from all over the word by our top orientation of products and our faith.our products have been widely applied to electric toys.seeing and hearing devices ,cars,hairdryers,electric brushes,vacuum cleaners and so on. our company can accoding to the customer's requirement and parameter ordering the motor.               


Is a set of research and development, production, sales services integrated micro-dc motor manufacturers.The company's products include reduction motor, hollow cup motor, brush motor, brushless motor., pets, the products are widely used in baby haircut, the electric scissors, electric shavers, hair removal device, threading knife, hair dryer, electric toothbrush, electronic door locks, vehicle electronic equipment, medical equipment, precision instruments, audio equipment, small appliances, aviation model, electric toys, electric tools, massager, etc all kinds of electric products.