Yongbao Motor Co., Ltd. as a small dc motor companies how to get the world’s top 500 customers

Yongbao Motor Co., Ltd., a small and medium-sized micro-motor manufacturer, is a small but powerful global top 500 enterprise such as General Motors, Cisco, China Mobile and Foxconn. Not only that, Jieyang Yongbao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is cooperating with these enterprises Have got generous cooperation conditions. Cooperation with these giants must have many places worth learning from other merchants, for which we specially interviewed our manager Lin Yongli, general manager of Yongbao Electric Co., Ltd., and let us see how Yongbao Electric Co., Ltd. obtained these top 500 customers in the world .

    dc motorCore competencies: technology, excellent quality.

    Cooperation with large enterprises First of all, their own technology, quality hard, or difficult to deal with the big customers get sweet, Manager Lin talked about Wing Electric and a Fortune 500 companies in the world for example: "a We started with a third-party assessment of company contact, we do not know the customer behind the so-famous giants, they treat the product very seriously, it took only half a year to verify the verification micro-motor used 6000 This is true. According to Linjing Li, it is estimated that 6000 micro-motors of the type used at that time would need about 120,000 Renminbi. It is indeed difficult for the average enterprise to come up with only 120,000 Renminbi to do the test Use, "This certification covers all possible aspects of product applications at the same time, they require tolerance guarantee within 0.01,0.02, the average customer is not likely to require such a strict, but this is also beneficial, the beginning of strict checks so that let Behind a lot less problems. As we Yongbao Electric Co., Ltd. take seriously, and each other needs The technical level we have fully achieved, so in the end win the customer .This single is in fact a competition with a US company, and finally split the company this single.From the follow-up feedback, we Yongbao Electric Co., Ltd. The product is no worse than the U.S. company, or even better. "

    Therefore, quality is the fundamental business survival, communication with large customers in all contacts, sales techniques and other means should also be placed on product quality. Not only is the miniature geared motors, but also for other products, there is no good quality customer orders can only be passive water. Thank you for visiting our company how to do business with Fortune 500 companies and how to do more business with Fortune 500 companies

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