DC motor for everyday use

DC motor refers to a motor that uses a DC power source (eg, dry battery, battery, etc.)

DC motors are generally used in low-voltage circuits, DC power can be easily carried such as electric bicycles is to use DC motors, and if the computer fans, tape recorders motor, fruit juicer, hair dryer, smart home and many other products which are used DC.

In many industrial sectors, such as large-scale rolling equipment, large precision machine tools, mine hoists, city trams, and cables requiring stringent line speeds, DC motors are often used as the prime mover to drag work machines. DC generator is usually as a DC power supply to the load output power; DC motor is used as a prime mover to drive all kinds of production machinery work, to the load output mechanical energy. In the control system, DC motor and other uses, such as speed motor, servo motor. Although DC generators and DC motors are used for different purposes, their structures are basically the same, and the mutual conversion of mechanical energy and electric energy is realized by utilizing the interaction between electric and magnetic motors.

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