What are the advantages of a DC motor fan?

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In 1880, American Shule installed the fan on the motor for the first time and started the power supply. The electric fan began to bring cool wind to human beings. For hundreds of years, fans are an important tool for humans to get a cool experience. Today, electric fans have served humans for more than 140 years. With the continuous improvement of the income level of consumers, the demand for quality of life is also increasing. Traditional fan products have been difficult to meet consumer demand. At the same time, the popularity of air-conditioning products also has a tendency to replace fan products. In the past, the fan was the main cooling tool. The core demand was: windy and durable. Nowadays, more and more choices of cooling tools have been made, and the positioning of fan products has reached the point where they have to be changed. So, how can we make fan products now to gain a place among consumers? We must integrate the fan product with an overall upgrade to the current consumer's actual usage scenario. First of all, regardless of urban and rural areas, the popularity of air-conditioning has greatly increased, even more cities – the fan is no longer the main cooling tool; Second, consumers need a good product – the use of the product experience is better, the design needs to be more human In addition, consumers need a good-looking product – not only performance requirements, beautiful shape is also the key; at the same time, environmental awareness gradually awakened – "I" do not care about saving a little electricity, but are willing to pay for a better environment . Based on the above points, how do we position the "new fan"? From an environmental point of view, this is a healthy lifestyle that can be solved with a fan. Try not to turn on the air conditioner. When you need to turn on the air conditioner, try not to drive the temperature too low. Use the air conditioner and fan together. How to use it? 1. The air-conditioning has a limited air supply distance. It can't make a space quickly and achieve a temperature equilibrium. It can be used with a fan to cool down more quickly. 2. The air-conditioning temperature should not be lower than 26 degrees. If it is adjusted to 26 degrees, it will feel hot. Can be used with a fan; 3, night air conditioning using sleep mode and timing, and with the use of fans, energy saving and comfortable; from the perspective of experience – a new fan experience 1, a special crowd, not suitable for air conditioning, but also by The ordinary fan also has a stronger wind and needs a softer wind; 2. It has a high quality of life and requires a quiet rest environment. The general fan noise is too high; 3. In the heat of summer, power outages are inevitable. At this time, a fan with a charging function is a savior; 4, a fan with a charging function, can get rid of the shackles of the power cord, can be used anywhere; 5, more intelligent product design, natural wind, sleep wind, any angle Swing adjustments, longer appointments, and timing. From the perspective of appearance 1, the aesthetic taste of consumers has now been improved, better industrial design is needed, and products are redesigned; 2. People are also willing to pay for better product appearance and product design. To achieve a complete product upgrade, fan manufacturers must work together in terms of functional design, performance testing, and design. The core component of the fan product is the motor, and the characteristics of the new brushless DC motor can exactly meet the needs of the fan product upgrade: the traditional AC motor brushless DC motor function speed is simple, generally 3-5 stalls can be infinite Speed control, any gear design minimum speed is generally 700 rpm, high noise and high energy consumption, generally more than 50W minimum speed can be as low as 250 rpm, very low noise energy, the same speed, at least 50% energy saving appearance Larger size, not conducive to product design compact size, the same speed volume is 1/3 of the AC motor to facilitate the design of more sophisticated products

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